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Speech Therapy

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Does Your Child Find The Following Issues Challenges?

Omitting Sounds

My child consistently omits a sound in the words they are saying

Verbal Repetition

My child often repeats sounds, syllables or words

Limited Vocabulary

My child is not saying new words


My child uses short, choppy sentences

Not Asking Questions

My child does not ask questions

Lack of Detail

My child does not provide enough detail when talking or writing

Girl playing with toys

Sentence Order

My child puts words together in the wrong order, such as “Even I see a clown."


My child does not use common gestures, like nodding

Starting Conversation

My child does not start conversations or take turns with comments and questions


My child experiences frequent drooling

Social Cues

My child has difficulty interpreting social cues/gestures/facial expressions/etc.

psychologist helping girl speech therapy

what is it

speech therapy

Speech therapy focuses on helping children develop the ability to communicate effectively. The goals of the program vary depending on the child’s individual needs, but may include developing speech and language skills, improving communication skills, and increasing social interaction.

We help children who experience difficulties with:


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A pediatric clinic that provides occupational, and speech therapy.

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