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Social group

A Fun And Therapeutic Activity For Your Kids

Looking for a extracurricular activity for your kids that’s both fun and educational? Look no further than our social group! Our group offers a variety of activities that will keep your kids entertained while they improve life skills!

What's Included in Monthly Package

Package Fee: $497 per month

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Learn appropriate social interactions

We help children understand and respect the personal boundaries of others, as well as learn how to appropriately express their own emotions.

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Build emotional competence (confidence and self-esteem)

We help children feel more confident and secure in themselves, as well as develop a positive self-image.

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Encourages problem-solving

We help children learn how to communicate and cooperate with others, as well as how to think creatively to solve problems

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Boost language skills

We help children learn new vocabulary, practice using proper grammar, and develop their communication skills.

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Promote collaboration and team-work

We help children learn how to work together towards a common goal, as well as develop their negotiation and conflict-resolution skills.

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Develop critical thinking skills

We help children learn how to analyze and solve problems, as well as how to think creatively.

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Improve ability to deal with feelings

We help children learn how to identify and express their emotions in a healthy way, as well as how to cope with difficult feelings.

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Lengthen attention span

We help children learn how to focus and concentrate on tasks, as well as how to pay attention to detail.

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How it works

Social Group

Want your child to make more friends? Want your child to play with others without fighting?

We use variety of activities including board games and cooperating games to let children practice social-emotional skills in real-life situations. Led by an experienced therapist, the social group is fun and has therapeutic benefits.

How It Works

Fill out the form to sign up.

Schedule a one-hour screening session, during which we will meet with both you and your child. This session will involve a parent interview and interactive activities with your child. There is a fee of $150 for this initial session.

During the session we will determine whether your child will benefit from either a social group or individual session.

If your child is suitable for our social group program, we will match your child with other kids.

Package Fee: $497 per month



4-18 years old children

Neurotypical children: Social development and emotional competence are just as critical as curriculum excellence. Learn these skills in a fun way for success in school and life!

Special needs children: Many in the autistic spectrum find social interaction easier with games and symptoms of autism are diminished with more play. ADHD children could get tremendous benefits such as lengthened attention span and acquired appropriate social skills.

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Social Group

Just by virtue of playing the game, children learn the value of patience, verbal communication, and interaction with others, thus developing their social skills even further.
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but wait! There's more!

Private Social Group

The therapist can go to your place to host a private social group (2-3 children) for you. This is perfect for a multi-children family or neighborhood kids. Please contact me for further details.

Play with familiar playmates

Time-saving —no need to drive and struggle with schedule

Group discounts —save money if you find more families joining

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Social group is fun and has therapeutic benefits. This FUN and EFFECTIVE social-emotional skills social group will be a game-changer for your kids!
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