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Occupational Therapy

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Does Your Child Find The Following Issues Challenges?

Fidgety or Hyperactive

My child is impulsive and unable to sit still.

School refusal

My child does not like to go to school.

Avoidance/Excessive resistance to doing work

My child does not seem interested in anything.

Sleep disorder

My child always wakes up in the middle of the night and cannot fall asleep.

Feeding difficulties

My child eats only certain types of food.

Attentional Disorder

My child has trouble multitasking well and has low frustration tolerance.

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My child cannot accept sudden changes.

Difficulty with Peer Relationships

My child doesn’t know how to get along with friends.


My child gets very emotional and can be difficult to calm down.

Oppositional Attitude/Defiant/Resistance

My child likes to argue a lot with adults, and refuses to do what an adult asks.


My child has explosive temper tantrums, fights, or attempts to hurt others.

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what is it

occupational therapy

Occupational Therapy is a series of exercises, both physical and mental, designed to help children who have difficulty with day to day life. Our program focuses on fun activities – what children would view as “playing” – that help children develop the skills they need to adapt to their daily challenges and alleviate the frustration that may occur as a result.

We help children who experience difficulties with:

Our services

Our duty is to improve a child’s potential. We present solutions to educate children and to assist parents in understanding their child so that they can raise them with ease and joy. Every child is unique with his/her special needs. We give the most suitable solution that matches the needs of each individual child. Read more about our programs below.
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Sensory Integration

To decrease sensitivities or improve response to noise, texture, taste, etc., and integrate sensory inputs to help better functions.
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Feeding Therapy

To determine the source of the child’s difficulties and develop very specific therapies that make the entire process of eating easier and more enjoyable.
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Handwriting Skills

To support with pencil grasp, letter formation, letter sizes, reversed letters, utilization of capital letters, punctuation, and writing with proper spacing and alignment.
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Attention Skills

To regulate arousal levels and lengthen attention span. We also utilize activities to address selective, alternating, and divided attention.
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Fine Motor Skills

To improve children’s hand manipulation skills such as using pencils, utensils, scissors, and buttons. To improve children’s academic performance, and self-care abilities.
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Gross Motor Skills​​

To increase balance, muscle strength, and coordination for daily activities such as jumping, kicking, and walking on stairs. To support functional mobility and participation in play.
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Social-emotional Skills​

To encourage proper behaviors, regulate emotions, learn coping skills, improve frustration tolerance, and enrich interpersonal relationship development.
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Visual Perceptual & Visual Motor Skills

To promote the coordination between visual information and motor output resulting in children catching a ball, completing puzzles, and cutting on the lines better.
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Executive Function Skills

To enhance adaptable thinking, planning, self-monitoring, self-control, time management, and organization.
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Assistive Technology​

To provide assistive technology (equipment, software program, or product system) consultation to increase the functional capabilities of people with disabilities.
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Environmental Modification

To advise on how to build an indoor sensory gym or install adapted equipment to increase mobility.

our special techniques

Taking Occupational Therapy to The Next Level

We offer special techniques to help your children, which makes us different from other therapy clinics. We use DIR Floortime®, a relationship-based model, to promote engagement, communication, positive behaviors, and thinking. We also provide other programs for sensory integration, social-emotional skills, feeding therapy, and handwriting.
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We work with your child on activities that they enjoy to improve their cognitive, social, and motor skills

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Astronaut Training

We help your child to develop fine and gross motor skills, plus improve their balance and coordination


Handwriting Without Tears®

We use this multi-sensory approach that focuses on helping your child develop the skills necessary for proper handwriting

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The Zones of Regulation

We help your child to understand and regulate their emotions.

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Keyboarding Without Tears®

We help your child develop the skills necessary for proper keyboarding


FOCUS for Mealtime Success

We help your child with feeding difficulties develop the skills necessary for proper eating


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